"Sustainable development meets the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations."

For a better future.

For new generations.

AP&P helps your company address the changes that sustainability demands through the adoption of new management tools that meet the criteria of greater responsibility in environmental, social and economic terms.

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) introduces the so-called sustainability report, through which the company presents its core values and mission to its stakeholders, indicates the tools for defining its social and environmental strategies, evaluates its social and environmental contribution, and defines improvement objectives.

We face the challenge of a

Sustainable development

AP&P provides you with expert consulting in corporate compliance in order to address the challenges related to sustainable development. For a long time, it has been dealing with environmental sustainability, providing assistance and consulting to companies in the renewable energy sector, particularly wind turbine and photovoltaic sector, in order to promote business development, M&A, procurement and acquisition of goods and services operations.

Our support

Over the years, and with growing awareness and attention to these issues, the firm’s activities have focused on providing support for sustainability in all its aspects, therefore not just environmental, but also social and governance-related, with the development of vertical and specific expertise in the legal professional field.

Our expertise is in the following areas:

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Sustainability and new business models aimed at transition to circular economy

Green procurement, supply chain and supplier due diligence

Sustainability and compliance activities and Organizational Management and Control Model pursuant to Decree 231/01

Subsidized finance to facilitate business development

Due diligence and criteria for identifying sustainable investment

Non-financial reporting and sustainability disclosures

Tools for preventiing litigation related to climate change

Benefit corporations, B- Corp and the incorporation of ESG values.