Corporate Law and M&A

Our firm provides assistance and advice in operations of:

Mergers, to create a stronger one

Acquisitions and Joint Venture

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The phases of the process

Letter of intent

Definition of the guidelines and essential points of the operation to be incorporated into the final agreement

Contract drafting

Drafting of contracts and other documents related to the transaction (articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, lock-up agreements, put and call options)

Due Diligence

Analysis of all legal, capital, financial and economic information, summarized in a report aimed at assessing the risks of the operation


Participation in pre-closing, closing and post-closing activities and verification of proper performance of obligations contained in contracts

Diverse expertise for an M&A process that protects your company and assets

The M&A process is a complex process that requires expertise in different areas of law. This is our formula for ensuring certain timeframes and results for your M&A process.

Administrative Law

For the management of public profiles such as any antitrust and regulatory profiles

Contract drafting

To manage the implications arising from the financing requirements and/or financial structure of the operation

Labor Law

To handle labor law issues

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