Canon Law

AP&P Lawyers offers assistance and advice for Trustees and/or Managers of Ecclesiastical Entities, Parishes, Foundations, and Private Associations of the Faithful.

Thanks to the presence of Rotale attorney Maria Capozza on the team, AP&P Avvocati has specific knowledge of civil and canonical legal issues aimed at finding the most appropriate way to manage ecclesiastical assets and all related needs.

Canon law on Property

We offer specialized advice on canon law on property, a legal area of greater importance for individuals and institutions related to the Catholic Church. We offer advice and assistance on the management, administration and ecclesiastical properties sale (temporal, ecclesiastical, private ecclesiastical and/or sacred property and/or valuable assets and/or cultural assets) and civil liability.

Assistance and advice to Directors and/or Managers of:

Ecclesiastical Entities or Religious Institutes

Public legal entities

Private associations of the faithful

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Canonical Administrative Law

Canonical administrative law is a crucial area for the effective handling of administrative matters within the ecclesiastical environment. Our experts have extensive experience in advising and representing clients operating within religious institutions, advising on the liability of administrators and assisting in the filing of hierarchical administrative appeals and administrative litigation procedures.

Canonical Labour Law

Support in all matters concerning employees and/or collaborators of the Vatican City State or other entities to which the Canonical Labour Law applies.

Canonical Criminal Law

Legal advice and assistance in criminal cases, with special emphasis on: